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Notions Group Tie up with FedEx Grows from Strength to Strength

FedEx Celebrates Partnership that has helped Dubai-based Notions Group’s star brand Chocodate™ reach customers in more than 40 different countries worldwide



Dubai, UAE – Notions Group - one of the fastest growing food manufacturers and distributors in the region and makers of the guilt-free Chocodate™ brand - was highlighted as a global export success story through FedEx’ ongoing efforts to support the growth and expansion of the economies they operate in.


Over recent years, FedEx was the main driving force behind helping Notions Group feed the hunger and high demand for its signature Chocodate™ brand that is now exported to 40 countries worldwide through FedEx. In a short documentary that shares the success story of this local brand that went global, Fawaz Masri - Notions Group CEO and the man who created Chocodate™ back in 1992, shares his vision of wanting to create a product that could take Arabia to the world, “We had ruled out the possibility of shipping to individual consumers outside the UAE due to the high cost implications,” explains Masri, “Even though we had been receiving numerous requests from customers who had obtained Chocodate™ as a gift or tried it when passing through the Middle East, we felt restricted and could not justify the shipping charges until FedEx came into the picture!”

The distribution network initially covered a few markets in the Far East and grew further when Notions Group launched an online store to facilitate the sale of Chocodate™ to a growing fanbase in many parts of the world and more recently in the Netherlands, Japan, France, Turkmenistan and Russia.


FedEx xx commended Notions Group for the outstanding success of their brand and said: “.”


With the launch of a new production plant in Dubai set to help Notions Group double its chocolate production capacity in the next five years, the Dubai-based group foresees major expansion plans and projected growth in the horizon.


The tremendous demand for the Chocodate™ brand has been a true testimony to the products’ success beyond the Middle East where dates are a traditional dessert, “I couldn’t be more proud than to see people of different cultural backgrounds not only enjoy this brand but also become loyal consumers who actively talk about it through social media as we have witnessed over the last few years,” explains Masri, “We are continuously approached by distributors from around the world who are keen to add Chocodate™ to their portfolio and are in talks with some 20 additional markets which will hopefully materialize in the next couple of years.”


“I am grateful to this amazing partnership with FedEx that has truly complemented our efforts to produce a consistent quality product that appeals to people from all over the world; their support has not only helped our brand expand, but also become a global product,” noted Masri.


A major endorser of consumer insight, Masri attributes his company’s success to his on-going interest in consumer feedback and most importantly in extensive research and development, and views innovation as a vital building block in the establishment of strong brands.


About Notions Group

Notions Group was founded in Dubai in 2008 as the holding group for Dubai-based chocolate factory La Ronda established in 1990 and Saudi-based savoury snacks factory Star Foods launched in 1991. Today, Notions Group has grown to be one of the most established confectionary and savoury manufacturers of some of the region’s most unique products such as the trademarked Chocodate™™. Also specialized in marketing its unique range, Notions Group exports its high-quality products to more than 30 countries worldwide. With a brand new production facility in Dubai set for completion in Q4 of 2013, Notions Group operates state-of-the-art technology under international hygienic conditions and standards to offer a variety of gourmet chocolates and diverse range of chips, crisps, and other savoury snacks. Powered by a team of 300 people, Notions Group brands have become household names in the region thanks to on-going innovation to offer natural products to its growing customer base in the region and the world. 



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